Monday, December 15, 2014

Disney Day 2: EPCOT!

By this point in our trip, we had been through EPCOT half a dozen times. Our resort was within walking distance to EPCOT and we walked over frequently. Every time we walked through, Caroline was begging to go ride Soarin', her favorite ride in all of Disney World. 

Well, sweet cheeks, today's the day! 

We hightailed it straight to Soarin' first thing. Then we hit up Living with the Land and Circle of Life while we were in the Land pavilion. 

We ended up with a very late breakfast reservation (may as well call it brunch) at Akershus in Norway to visit even more royalty! 

I just love the Norway pavilion! It and the German pavilion are my very favorites! Ok. France too. And Italy. 

Akershus is another beautiful restaurant, but it's also super popular because of the Princess Storybook Breakfast. I love the experience and the food here, but I'll be honest, I feel a little like a sardine in here. I don't see how in the world those princesses can move around in those swishy dresses in there. If I had a big ol' dress in that restaurant, everybody would be wearing their cups of coffee and breakfast potatoes after I cleared the table with my swishy skirt. 

Into every life, a little rain must fall, 

but we motored back over to Future World to explore some more. Caroline was excited to ride Spaceship Earth, so we walked over so I could visit this lovely lady...


Every trip, Steve and I try to work in a date night. His parents usually go with us, and we let them keep the girls one night while we go to EPCOT for a while. This trip, his parents weren't able to come down until today, but they got in so late that I hated to ask them to babysit right after all that travel. So we took advantage of the Sandcastle Club at the Beach Club Resort (which is attached to our resort). My girls loved it! And truly, we did too. It was nice knowing the kids were in good (Disney) hands and that they would have a great time. 

Steve and I had reservations at Teppan Edo for dinner. We hadn't eaten there in years, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it there. It's really just an Hibachi Japanese place, but it's tasty and fun! We rarely get to go to places like that, so it's always a treat. 

After dinner we walked around the World Showcase. I wish we had more time, but we didn't want to leave the girls TOO long. Did stop in the German pavilion for a minute, though!

I had to snap a few pictures in the Beach Club when we went to pick up the girls. The first pic is a completely chocolate Maleficent dragon in a window display there. 

Each resort does an edible display for Christmas, and the Beach Club has a chocolate carousel every year. A working carousel! 

The talent is just spectacular! 

As we were leaving, I spotted these giant chairs, and fell in love! I had Ella Kate take my picture, and she said I looked like a queen! Love that girl. 

(I'm holding up her giant sucker her Daddy bought them as a treat)

Next up: Hollywood Studios and a Frozen Dessert Party! 

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