Wednesday, December 24, 2014

EPCOT Day #2 and Disney Day #5!

Our second EPCOT day was supposed to be a World Showcase day, but because doing nothing but World Showcase can be a bit boring for little ones, we mixed it up a little. 

We met some major characters...

And then apparently did a whole bunch of nothin'. I have no more pictures until that evening. 

It was a warm day, and the girls were begging to go swimming. It was warm, but not THAT warm! We went anyway, and all left with shivering bones and chattering teeth. For whatever reason, though, the girls were thrilled, so it's a success. 

We headed back to EPCOT that evening. We had reservations at San Angel Inn, and we thought we'd leave a bit early and mosey through World Showcase on our way to dinner. We stopped for some adult slushes first...

(pardon the post-pool hair)

And then we were stopped by the Imaginations globe making its way into the center of the World Showcase Lagoon. Seems like that wouldn't take to long, unless you consider the 23432 little boats following the globe that carry the fireworks. We were stuck there for a long time, and then the heavens opened and drenched us all. Thankfully we were able to squeeze into the African Outpost and prevent a wardrobe malfunction with me and my white tank top. 

We finally made it into the GORGEOUS Mexican pavilion for dinner. I just love it in here. The food will not knock your socks off, but it's tasty, and the ambience is worth it. Keep in mind: if you have vision problems, bring a flashlight. It's dark in here!

The girls wanted to get a souvenir, and they picked these dadburn bongo things. Luckily, the newness wore off fairly quickly and I haven't heard them since we've been home. 

We missed our Test Track FastPass since we went swimming that afternoon, so we decided to take our chances at night with the standby line. The wait was not much at all. We had a blast, and then I got to pick me out a car at the end!


 Ride #1

Ride #2

About this time Steve got an important work call (yes, at night and on vacation. Problems of owning your own business), so we started walking back to the hotel. Miraculously he was able to listen to his phone call right in the midst of Illuminations, with all the music and fireworks going off like crazy. The girls and I stopped and watched while he hid behind a food booth to try to finish his call. 


Up Next: Our last Disney Day at Magic Kingdom!

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