Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jamaica Day 2!

Welcome to the slowest trip recap in the history of history!

Jamaica Day #2 

After so much travel the first day, we wanted to spend our second (and first full) day exploring the resort some. It was basically a low-key day, but looking back on our trip, it may have been my very favorite. 

Get used to seeing this waterfall. I think we took a picture in front of it every day. 

This day shall henceforth be known as the "Burn Box" Day. See that big white box that Steve and Jeff are sitting on in the picture below? We spent almost the entire dadburn day on that thing. It was a giant wooden platform anchored to the ocean floor, but it could still move with the waves. It was so relaxing! 

See that jug in the corner? That was beer. We would swim in, take the jug to the bar, they would fill it up for us, and we'd swim it back out there. No wonder we were out there all day! 

Even though we were heavily sunscreened (as evidenced by Jeff's picture below), we all got burned to a crisp that day. Like, miserably sunburned. I think it had to do with the box being white and therefore being a sun magnet.  

After our day in the sun, we of course went to Soy for more sushi.  

Look at how red our faces are!

We left there and wanted to check out the piano bar on property. I'm a sucker for a piano bar, but this one was more "bar" than "piano". I will NEVER pass up a dueling piano place, and I was hoping this one would be a similar atmosphere. 

It wasn't. 

Just a bar with a bartender and an empty piano in the corner. 

We hung around long enough to have a drink and do some Jeff impressions and spent the rest of the night in the hot tub. We met some friends that night that we hung out with the rest of the week, and you'll meet them in a later post. 

Leeann's face still cracks me up!

I love me some towel animals! 

Until next time!

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