Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A little bit of this, little bit of that...

This will be a post about a whole bunch of nuthin'. Not much going on around here. After the excitement of Luke Bryan last week, this week pales in comparison. 

Friday night was a rough start to the weekend. The weather was cold and rainy, and Teagan's ballgame was a disaster. They played a team with a couple of D1 signees, so we were outmatched outta the gate. All I can say is that I'm glad it's over and that all of our players came off the field healthy. We have another tough game coming up this week, so yay for that. 

Saturday started off a little hectic. We had tried and tried to get tickets to the UT/Florida game, but couldn't find anything for a decent price. Instead, we decided to have a little football party here, so I was throwing together appetizers for the UT game and a meal for the LSU game later that evening. I had planned to go to the gym before, but that didn't happen. Everything on our end came together in time for the game, but unfortunately UT couldn't get their stuff together on the field, so that was another bummer. The party was fun, though!

Our buddy Jeff is originally from Louisiana (hence the interest in the LSU game), and when he found out we make our own pizzas on our Big Green Egg, he wanted in! He came up with the idea for muffaletta pizza, and we grilled some up before the game. Let me tell ya, it's a winner! Probably about a thousand calories, but every now and then those calories are completely worth it, and these were! He used an olive paste instead of pizza sauce, and then piled it high with every deli meat you can think of and topped it off with cheese and Italian olive oil dipping sauce.

Flavor explosion!

Steve built another bonfire (for the 3rd week in a row- it's our favorite thing to do now!) and we all sat around the rest of the night and just shot the breeze. It was a pretty fabulous way to spend the evening after a disappointing football weekend.

(objects in picture are larger than they appear)

Sunday was family lazy day. We pretty much played hooky from life that day and decided to never get out of our jammies. It was pretty fantastic.

See? Boring weekend! Nothing much to report here since then except for a raging case of pink eye for sweet Ella Kate. So I pretty much have to stop this post because just typing it makes me want to go wash my hands.

Happy hump day! 

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