Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday, folks!! I'm ready for the weekend, baby. I'm a stay at home mom, so I suppose every day is the weekend (or more like every day is a work day), but there's still something about Friday through Sunday that feels like you can finally take a deep breath. 

This weekend's plans are completely dependent on the weather this time. Friday night is the usual high school football, but they're giving rain and cold temps, and the game is an hour and a half away. This auntie may have to sit this one out if the weather is as bad as they say it will be. 

Then Saturday is my hometown's fall festival, which I love to go to, but again, there's the rain. Kettle corn might not be worth the misery. 




On to this week's favorites, and don't forget to go by Andrea, Erika, and Narci's blogs to check out everyone's favorites this week!

"Ready Set Roll" by Chase Rice
When I got home from the Luke Bryan concert (I know, stop talking about it already!), I COULD not get this song out of my head. And it's not even Luke's! I was so exhausted I was achy, yet couldn't sleep because I was still dancing and singing to this song. 

Oven Baked Chips
I'm addicted. Well, not completely addicted, since it's not like I'm sittin' around eating these things all day every day. But, probably 5 days out of 7 I'm eating them for lunch or dinner. Not as my whole meal, of course. 

Geez. I feel like I'm rationalizing my chip consumption a little too much. 


My very favorite ones are the cheddar sour cream, but they aren't as easy to fit into my diet as the others.

So, the ones I eat most often are the Oven Baked Tostitos Scoops. I make some tuna salad almost every day lately, and I basically use it like a dip with these chips. Great little meal!

My other favorite lunch lately is a turkey sandwich with the Oven Baked Original Lay's. I love me some plain chips, and these are the best substitute I'm gonna get. 

Plaid Scarves
I've been on a scarf-buying bender lately. 



It started with the leopard print scarf I wore to Luke Bryan (last time, I swear). 

The same time I bought that one, I bought this one. It's half plaid, so apparently I was dipping my toes in the plaid pool with this one. 

Here's a closer look at the color:

Since then, I've bought this one from Target, too.

And then the durn free shipping Nordstrom monster jumped up and got me with this one. For the price, it's so cozy and Christmas-y and snuggly. Plus, with free shipping and returns, what's to lose?

So now I REALLY want to get this one. Mostly because it's lighter weight that the others I've bought, and therefore it's COMPLETELY different and I need it my collection. See how that rationalization works? 

And Shay's post about her scarf collection makes me really want this scarf, but I'm not sure how much realistic wear I'd get out of it. Not that that would normally stop me, but yaknowwhatImean. 

And to mix things up a bit from my plaid addiction, this would be be awfully nice. Any color that wants to come live at my house can. Any time. Just come on by. 

Our Halloween Costumes
I am a little crazy about Halloween, if you haven't noticed. And to drive that "crazy" point home, I will let you know that I typically know what Halloween costume I'm going to wear for the next year right after the current year's party is over. 


Not this year. I was totally inspiration-less. For quite a while, I thought Steve had his costume picked out, but it wasn't a couple costume, so I still needed something. Then he decided he didn't want to do that original idea, so we were back to square 1. Having already sent out invitations to our annual Halloween party, I was starting to panic that we didn't even have costumes picked out yet.

Problem solved! This past weekend, I decided that I wasn't getting off my computer until I picked something out. I narrowed down the type of costume we wanted, but just not the specific one. You know how hard it is to order stuff online that you can't see on a real person, right? Well, because of that, I decided to Pinterest my idea and see what other people had worn. I put the search right there in the search box, and up pops a picture of a HYSTERICAL version of our idea. 


That was it. We were all in, and ordered our costumes on the spot. Mine came in, but part of it doesn't look quite right so we're going to have to do some finagling with that. Steve's is a custom order and will take a while to come in. 

Even though I am listing it as a favorite, I'm not revealing our costumes quite yet. We want to reveal it at our annual Halloween party, but all I'll say is that we've laid down the gauntlet this year! Can't wait for the reveal!

This little guy. I sorta hate to list family members as favorites, but our sweet Walker is battling cancer, and his time with us is limited. Times like bring things into perspective, and I just want to post about my deep and abiding love for our FURst baby, Walker. I should do a whole post devoted to him, but he's certainly my favorite this week. And forever. 


  1. Love love love that scarf! So cute, and love the silly selfie too ;)


  2. I'm sorry about your schnauzer. Sweet doggies. Love your scarves!!!


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