Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Favorites: Luke Bryan edition


I am still riding high from my Luke Bryan concert experience! 

We bought tickets forever ago for Luke Bryan's Farm Tour concert in Greenback, TN (right outside Knoxville, for you non-local-ish folks). I have a good friend who went to one of the farm shows in Georgia last year, and that's pretty much all she's talked about since. (Love ya, Tina!)

And really, tickets were only $40. How else could I be thisclose to Luke Bryan for the low, low price of $40???

So, my usual band of concert-goers (plus a few) loaded up and headed to the metropolis that is Greenback, to Maple Lane Farms (and corn maze!). 

To give you a little background about the Luke Bryan Farm Tour, he does a handful of shows on farms in the South. None are concert venues, but truly are farms, the middle of which is where he plops his entire concert down. It was truly incredible to know that this was just a big patch of dirt and grass on Tuesday, and on Wednesday was a well-organized concert venue. 


To beat it all, Luke does this for free! Now, I have no doubt that his and the farm's expenses are all covered, but the profits from farm tour shows are placed into a scholarship fund for students looking to go into agricultural sciences. That makes Knoxville the best location for something like this, considering the University of Tennessee has one of the biggest and best ag campuses in the nation. 


Anyway, my friend Tina left here early that morning to get the best possible spot in front of the stage, but because we had 2 teachers and 5 students going in our group, we weren't able to leave until later in the school day. We stopped and ate at a Zaxby's near the farm, and headed in. The field we parked in wasn't nearly as full and I had expected it to be, and we went to get in the entrance line, which should have opened up right before we got there, but the line was HUGE and not moving an inch. There were already people inside, though, including Tina. I need to ask her how that happened....

Line pic! IDK what happened to my hair. I swear it was poufier than that. IDK if they heat smushed it or if it's the glare of the sun. 

The girls right inside the gates. My niece is on the right and these are her best friends.

Anywhoo. We stood in the non-moving line for what felt like forever, and once we all got sweaty and smelly, we started to inch forward, and were finally inside. We had every intention of hanging back, spreading out our blankets, and enjoying some live country music. Once we got in there, though, we noticed there was a bunch of space in the very front, so we decided to try our luck up there. We figured if things got too crowded or crazy, we could always move back. Well, we grabbed a few drinks and hung out there for about an hour or so. Luke had a few opening acts with him, and a cute little girl named Chancie Neal was the first one up. I wasn't familiar with her, but she appears on the Duck Dynasty Christmas album, and she did a great job at the concert. But the best part of her being out there is that at one point I looked up, and homegirl was about 5 feet away from me, up on stage! We had no idea that the stage came out in a cross, and we just so happened to have posted ourselves at the corner of the right hand cross arm! I was all like, "Look! That girl is right there. OMG! That means Luke Bryan is going to be RIGHT THERE!"

<insert teenage-girl squeal here> 

And, by golly, he was! RIGHT THERE! 

So was Cole Swindell, although I didn't get many pics of him. My phone battery was low, and I wanted to save what I could to get pics of the man himself. 

My niece got this one, though. 


I'm telling ya, Cole Swindell put on a GREAT show! I would totally go see him in a headlining show of his own. And considering I knew all the words to almost every song he sang, I can only imagine that he'll be getting his own headlining tour very soon! 

In between acts, a DJ was on stage and he made the wait go by easily. I will say this, though, a big ol' non-favorite from the show was the long wait in between Cole and Luke. It seemed like hours. I have no idea how long it actually was, but it felt like forever.  And then there was an incident with some drunk teenagers, but I'll omit that story in the interest of avoiding prosecution. #pleasetellmeIneveractedlikethat #oratleastdidnotleaveevidence

So, what else do you do while waiting forever and a day? Selfies!
 Renee, Jessica, me, Sonya
 Jessica, Renee, me, Sonya (who says that's a peace sign, not bunny ears. #dontbuyit)

Jessica, Renee, me, and Sonya sticking her tongue out because I complained about the bunny ears. LMBO. 

As you can tell, we made friends with the folks behind us....Only the front 4 are my group. 
So, to finally get to Luke, and my favorites for the week, feast your eyes on these! 

 Then Cole came back out and they sang Florida Georgia Line's 
"That's How We Roll". These two actually wrote the song, not FL/GA Line. It was an awesome performance! 

So, since this is supposed to be a favorites post, here's my favorite pic of all those that I took:

 Yep. He's looking right at me, and I do believe he's pointing at me. I am seeing that. I'm positive that's what's happening, and that is the story I'll tell from now until forever. #believedat

Luke's show was IN. CRED. EEEE. BULL!!! So high energy, such fun music, and I screamed so loud my throat STILL hurts!! 

If you ever have a chance to see Luke or Cole in concert, do it! And if the Farm Tour is an option, do THAT! 

Linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci, as always.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. How fun! I love me some good country music. Your outfit is super cute too, I'm sure Luke Bryan spotted your from the stage ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I saw his concert this summer too. Unbelievable. So good. Had a great time. When I saw him he was with Cole Swindell, Lee Brice and Brantley Gilbert. Awesome.

  3. Great Recap!! So much fun! I said the same thing about Cole Swindell too!! Loved and sang all his songs!!


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