Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Get Pin-spired!

Hi ladies! 

I'm linking up with Scheaffer for her Get Pin-spired Wednesday series. Schaeffer writes one of my very favorite blogs, Pinterest Told Me To. I love it because A) she's the cutest little thing I've ever seen (I'd give up an appendage for dimples like hers!) and B) Pinterest pretty much rules my life. I feel like it's my own personal Magic 8 ball. What should I wear tomorrow? Look on Pinterest. What should I cook this week? Look on Pinterest. What should I do with all these baby teeth Caroline lost? Pinterest has the answer! 

Ok. So that's taking it too far. 


Tonight, I am headed to Greenback, TN for a Luke Bryan Farm Tour concert!!!




Lord have mercy. So stinkin' excited!!! 

So I need outfit inspiration. What's a girl to do? Turn to Pinterest, of course!!

I own this top, and this is the outfit I had already sorta decided to wear. 

Shirt is sold out, but original link was HERE

When I searched for "Luke Bryan Concert Outfit", I found a bunch of concert Ts, but also a lot of lacy and flowy tops with cutoff shorts. I have a lacy top that might work, but it's more dressy that probably should be worn to a concert out in the middle of nowhere in a big ol' field. 

Pinterest, you're not helping. 

Then there's the weather to consider. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 84, but the low is 54. The concert is obviously outside, and after the sun goes down, it's likely to get pretty durn cold. Very hot during the day, very cold after dark. Yay. 

That makes me lean more towards this outfit: 

The Wagon Wheel top is very similar in color to this top, so I could wear that and white jeans. But white jeans in that big ol' field? AFTER Labor Day? Even though we'll have a blanket, I still think it might not be the best idea. But the outfit is hella cute. 

Then there's this outfit. 

Super cute, but doesn't exactly scream "Shake it for me, Luke Bryan!" 

I'm sure my husband is truly wishing whatever I wear doesn't scream that, but you know what I mean. 

This outfit is super cute, would probably hold up well in a big ol' field, and I can bring a denim jacket to throw on if it gets cold enough. 

So this is my interpretation of this outfit for the concert. 

Happy Hump Day, folks! 


  1. Andrea!!!! I was dying reading this post! You are too dang sweet for words. You're also super cute in your concert outfit.
    Thanks so much for linking up!
    Sheaffer :)
    p.s. I want your hair.

  2. Great Concert look!!! So did you LOVE it?!? I've seen him too and it's always a blast!!! Have a great weekend!!!


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