Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I need serious help with post titles.

I don't have any idea what to label posts. 

I've spent this week helping form impressionable young minds into responsible little people. Yep. I was a substitute preschool teacher. 



I actually kind of love it. I mean, a little boy wiped his nose down the length of my forearm, but whatever. Elbow to wrist, btw. All the way down my arm. 

So, that happened. 

Other than that, though, the past three days have been pretty awesome. I have gotten to spend the while day with Ella Kate, and the children in her class are all good kids. Her preschool is only from 9-12, so it's a good "job" if you can get it! 

Besides, how can you not want to see stuff like this all day long?

On Monday, Ella Kate got to take home Friend Bear, and she carted that thing all over town, and wanted to take pictures of the whole thing. 

Today was the last day I'm subbing this week, so we had to take a picture to commemorate it. And to immortalize the day she wanted to wear her princess bun and tiara to school. 

This cuteness passes to quickly. God love her. I could squeeze her to pieces! 

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