Saturday, September 13, 2014

Great win last night!!

Teagan's tough football season finally had a bright spot last night with a win over our cross county rivals! Teagan scored all 3 touchdowns, including a pick 6, and had at least 1 sack. He played an unbelievable game, and I couldn't be prouder! 

After the game he was surrounded by local press. it looked like paparazzi out there! He was nervous, but handled himself very well. He told the story of why he wears number 8 to a reporter, which made my sister get all teary eyed. He wears that number because that's the same number his dad, his uncle, and his brother all wore before him. My husband wore 88 in high school and college, so I feel like it's a little bit for us, too! 

I finally got a good picture of us last night! 

Caroline got one, too! Ella Kate was too tired to come down to the field, so we'll have to get another one of them later. 

Last night's game was sponsored by Farm Bureau Insurance as a "Pink Out" game for cancer awareness. We were the away team, with white jerseys with light pink numbers. Let me tell you, those things were almost impossible to read from the stands! Every time a play happened I had to guess who it was by the position they played! Luckily, Teagan had taped his ankles, so I could follow the two white ankles on plays. Even the home team's announcer got our players names wrong because he couldn't read the number on the jerseys. I'm all for increasing the awareness of cancer and the prevention of the disease, but these jerseys are pretty awful. Hopefully, if they do this again, they outline the numbers in black, or make the numbers hot pink. Something. Anything. 

Here's a quick little highlight from the local news tonight:

Now we just have to get one in the win column for Tennessee tonight! Go Vols!! 

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