Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oktoberfest in Abingdon

This weekend the Tavern in Abingdon, VA held its annual Oktoberfest celebration. We went a few years ago and had a great time, but since then we've stayed here in Kingsport and enjoyed their Octoberfest, which is always held the same day. In fact, the very first year, we did both. And it was too much.


We have since decided to alternate years between Kingsport and Abingdon, plus I'm dying to do Asheville's Oktoberfest. Asheville's is held on a separate weekend, though, so we just have to get ourselves mentally prepared for all that Oktoberfesting!

We started out at Wolf Hills Brewery. It's located in this great little industrial space, and I would love to be there for some of their live music nights.

The beer, however, is not necessarily my thing. They sell 6-packs here locally of their Troopers Alley IPA, and I knew I wasn't a fan of that, but they offer so many options at the brewery that I felt certain I would find a favorite. We ordered a flight of 6 beers to try, and neither Steve nor I were all that excited about any of them. The best of the ones we tried were their Octoberfest and the Creeper Trail Amber Ale. None of them had me begging for more. In fact, we finished our flight and decided to head out to wander on Main Street.

We headed up to Rain Restaurant and Bar, but it was closed to prepare for dinner. We headed up the street to Katbird's Wine & Gourmet, and it was the cutest little store! I wish I had taken some pictures of the interior. It was a great little kitchen boutique, but also sold wines, fine cheeses, and had a craft beer room in the basement. While we were there, Foggy Ridge Cider had a representative there to do tastings, and I bought a bottle of their Sweet Stayman Cider. Stayman apples are my very favorite, and they are soooo hard to find around here. As soon as she said they had a Stayman apple cider, I knew I would be bringing some home!

I loved the Stayman, but I have to say that their Pippin Gold was actually my favorite of their offerings. Apparently everyone agreed with me, because they were sold out of all of it save for the tasting bottle! If you ever see it in your local package store, though, I definitely recommend it!

We loaded our bags back in the truck and walked on up to the Tavern. We were early, but they let us in anyway.

Notice the grass growing on the roof? Isn't that so neat?? The Tavern is the one of the oldest buildings west of the Blue Ridge, and served as a hospital during the Civil War. It even hosted the King Louis Philipe of France when it was an inn!

The owner of the Tavern is heavily-accented official German immigrant. And he puts on a great authentic Oktoberfest! The food is incredible, and they import authentic German Oktoberfest beers for the occasion. I have a good friend of mine who currently lives in Germany and I sent her pictures of our night. She said the Spaten beer that was being served is from Munich and has the oldest tent at THE Oktoberfest! She also said it was one of their favorites, and I can see why! We definitely enjoyed it.

The Tavern also hosts a polka band, and the chicken dance is frequently played throughout the evening. It may seem a little hokey, but it was good for a funny time for us! We had a blast!

They patio area of the restaurant is set up with long tables under tents, which looks very similar to the pictures I've seen of the authentic Oktoberfest in Germany. They also have a grassy area in the back without tables and chairs, and people mixed and mingled there a lot.

Like I said, as the night went on, our inner German dancing abilities came out, and most of us hit the dance floor. Otherwise known as right in the middle of everyone and in everyone's way.


These pictures make it look a little redneck-barn-party, but that's not at all what it's like. It's much better than what my photography is showing!

The Tennessee game came on at 8, and they had a little room playing it on a TV. I found myself in that room most of the night! I know that makes me a giant party pooper, but I just couldn't miss the game. They NEED me!  

Eventually someone decided it was time to leave the Tavern, and since I wanted to finish watching the game, we walked back down the street to Rain. Thought the change of scenery might change the outcome of the game, but no such luck. The Vols still lost, but played a heckuva game against the #4 team in the nation. Can't be too down about that.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend away with fabulous friends! Can't wait to see what next Oktoberfest has in store! 

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