Sunday, September 28, 2014

Once Upon a Time Recap

Do you watch Once Upon a Time? I looooove that show! I'm a huge Disney fan, so this is right in my wheelhouse. And this season, Elsa and Anna from Frozen are joining the cast! 

Disclaimer: if you don't watch the show, you're probably going to hate this post. It's an episode recap with my thoughts on it. I follow the show and write what comes to my mind, so if you haven't seen the show yet, it looks pretty schitzo. 

The show starts off with Anna and a prince (Kristoff? He'd be a sort-of-prince if he marries Anna) in a storm on the high seas. The prince throws a message in a bottle into the stormy seas.

Anna and Elsa at their parents grave. Anna's dress isn't colorful enough. 

Now we have Elsa arriving in Storybrooke. On the season finale last year, I was rather disappointed in the dress they made for Elsa, but I've changed my mind since this episode came on. I think they did a great job interpreting it!

Oh yeah, I forgot about Emma bringing Maid Marian back from the past. I had actually started to like the Evil Queen/Robin Hood lovebirds story line. He's so handsome, and seems so genuine. This might turn interesting if Regina becomes the woman scorned. 
See? Aren't they cute?

Rumple gives me the willies. I just can't get into him being with Belle, except that he's a real Beast. 

Elsa and Anna back in Arendelle planning Anna's wedding to Kristoff.  I can't wait to see Sven! I sorta bet we won't, though. Elsa blames herself for her parents death, so I'm guessing they'll say she created the storm that sank their ship. Maybe those were their parents on the ship in the beginning? I'll have to rewind it to see. Sure looked like Anna. 

Back to Regina/Robin Hood. Let's just all take in the gorgeousness in that room, and I don't just mean Robin. The interior designer that styled that room needs an Emmy. 
Ahhh! The Magic Mirror is going to be a character!! That will be awesome!

Belle and Rumple are house hunting. Rumple is so stinkin' creepy. Annnnd now we have the Belle and Beast dance in the library scene! He's still creepy, but I love a literal interpretation of the Disney movies. They're even playing the theme song!

How cute is Gennifer Goodwin?? I just want to carry her around in my pocket. 

Speaking of yummy, Hook is back. 

Look, Elsa has her own personal flurry! 

Oh, now Elsa thinks they were running away from her powers when her parents were killed. 

Are we going to get to see the trolls???? This just gets better and better. 

Emma pulls a gun on Elsa. And out pops Marshmallow!! This is incredible. I'm totally fangirling over here. 


OMG. They look just like the movie! 

Marshmallow chases Emma and Hook through the streets of Storybrooke. No biggie. 

This is so ridiculous it's fantastic. I feel like you have to be a deep Disney fan to love this show. Luckily, I am certainly that!

Regina and the mirror again. I think this will be my favorite part of this season. Even more that the Frozen pieces. 

Awww, and now they're showing that adorable Anna Kristen Bell commercial! So fitting. 

I was wrong. There's Sven. Less cute than the trolls, but glad he's here!  

Marshmallow vs. the Merry Men. Smackdown, Disney style! 

And Regina wins. The Evil Queen is no match for a giant snowman. 

Regina wants to find who wrote the giant book of fairy tales? Isn't that like the fairy tale Bible? You can't find who actually wrote it, unless there's a Hans Christian Anderson character living in the woods. 

OMG. Is that the Sorcerer Mickey hat??

Lovin' the Kristoff character. 

And just like that, it's over. And I'm as addicted as ever. 

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