Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Get Pin-spired!

I like to imagine myself a crafter. I typically fail miserably, but I sure do love the process! 

I love scouring Michael's and Hobby Lobby for flotsam and jetsam to hot glue into some sort of burlap/chevron/chalk paint/tulle/glitter gloriousness. 

And since fall is obviously a big source of inspiration for me, my crafty bone got itchy when the weather here turned cooler. I looked on Pinterest for a quick and relatively easy new fall wreath, and found a great one that could give me a lot of bang for a little effort. 

Here is the inspiration photo:

And here's what I accomplished: 
I took this pic in the very early morning, before the sun was fully up

  and these before dinner, when the sun was setting. 

Now, there are some noticeable differences between mine and the inspiration photo. I bought my hydrangeas at Michael's, and they didn't have enough of the yellowish flowers. To compensate, I spread the hydrangeas out more than the etsy version. And also because of the lack flowers, I hung the bow directly on the grapevine wreath instead of on top of more flowers. 

My bow is also slightly different, with my orange instead of their black, but I also bought a non-burlap black and white bow that I plan to switch this one out for on October 1st. I think this one looks fall, and the black and white looks more Halloween-y. I'll post pics once I make the switch. 

Despite the differences, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out! I think it looks pretty great, for a fraction of the cost of the Etsy one. Yay me! 

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