Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Another week is coming to an end!

Caroline is out of school today (Ella Kate's preschool never goes on Friday), and we had planned to spend the day off at Dollywood, but the weather changed our minds. It's icky and rainy here, so we decided to stay close to home. Teagan has a ballgame tonight, though, so I'll brave the weather for that for sure, and if it clears up, Steve and the girls will come, too. 

After the ballgame, the girls are spending the weekend with my parents so Steve and I can go to Abingdon, VA for Octoberfest. We plan on visiting Wolf Hills Brewery and having a traditional German dinner at the Tavern. We hope to walk around downtown and explore some while we're there, too. Abingdon is a beautiful historic little town, and I'm so excited to spend the weekend there! 

On to my favorites this week! I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci again!

1. Jersey Belle

Am I the only one watching this show? I sure hope not, because I'm obsessed with it! I think it's a truer representation of Southern women than the Real Housewives of Atlanta train wreck, although it's still a bit of caricature of us. Still, I see many more bits of myself and my friends in these women. And I'm saying it right now, Danielle Yancy is America's answer to Kate Middleton Cambridge. She's so lovely! 

2. American Kids by Kenny Chesney

I absolutely CANNOT get enough of this song!! It just makes me so happy when I hear it! Tell me your foot doesn't start tapping when you're listening to it! 

3. New shoes

Who doesn't love new shoes?? My sweet husband bought me a new pair to replace the ones I ruined at the Warrior Dash we ran back in May. I promised myself I would buy them myself when I lost the 5 lbs that had been nagging me, but when I finally accomplished that, I never got around to getting them. He just up and did it himself late last week and I got them Wednesday. Wore them for the first time yesterday to run the first 5K I've ran in FOREVER and they're all I hoped and dreamed they would be! Love me some Nike Frees! 

This is a product that I've had for the longest time, and the only reason that I can come up with as to why I haven't been using it is that it's a darker color that I normally need. There can only be that reason, because this stuff is the, ladies! I have very oily, acne prone skin, and most BB creams and tinted moisturizers make me way too shiny. This stuff covers amazingly well and stays as matte as any full coverage foundation that I usually wear (the only one that may edge it out is CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous). It's definitely a current fave! 

5. It's not a favorite. Yet. 

But I'm getting me a new blog design! This one is awful. Absolutely hideous. Hopefully by the time you read this, it's already been changed. 


  1. HAppy Friday!! I think the blog design is so cute!! Love the shoes and good for you losing the 5 lbs... Mine crept back on :-(

    Come by and say hi

  2. I love JerseyBelle too! Danielle and her hubs aren't fave too!!!! I hope it is renewed for season 2.


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