Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Caroline's Birthday Recap

Caroline's 7th birthday was this past Thursday (the 18th), and I had every intention of doing a smushy lovey post on that day, and a festivities roundup this weekend. As any parent knows, though, all that celebratin' got the best of me, and it's taken me until now to finally have the chance (and the energy!) to do it!!

Her last day as a 6 year old....

My plans were to wake her up with a balloon filled room on the morning of her birthday, and have her come down the stairs to some funfetti pancakes. None of that happened. First, I completely dropped the ball on getting the balloons the night before, and then her normal wake up time of 7AM-ish turned into a so-excited-I-can't-sleep wake up time of 6AM. yay. 

 At least I had her sign ready!

The birthday princess!

Ella Kate had a few gifts she wanted to get for Caroline, so she got to open those that morning. 

A Snackeez! My girls are suckers for anything on a commercial on Nick Jr or Disney Channel, and they've both wanted Snackeez since the commercial first started airing. 

This is a great little gift we picked up at Target. It's a block of chalky dirt, and you have to chisel out a T-Rex "fossil" that you then have to put together. This was her very favorite gift of all those she got! She loved it, and still talks about her very own T-Rex!

This is Barbie and the Secret Door. Caroline didn't want it, but Ella Kate did. So she wanted to make sure Sissy got it for her birthday. :) It did come with a Barbie mini doll, so that was nice. 

The birthday pancakes didn't pan out, so Dunkin' Donuts it is!

 Check out those chocolate covered teeth!

Sugared-up selfie! 

Since I dropped the ball on the balloons in her bedroom, I had the bright idea to take them to school. 


Little did I know, "birthday celebrations" are not allowed, and the principle had to come confiscate our balloons. :(

Luckily, he came and got them before she even saw them, so it's not like he took balloons away from a little girl. Steve and I were taking them to her room when he came and told us they weren't allowed, and he took them to the office. We got them as we were leaving, though, and she was still super excited to get them at school. 


pre-balloon pic with Ella Kate

 The girls had dance class right after school, so I had the festivities continue there with a cookie cake. I brought it to her class, but pretty much the whole dance academy came for cookie cake once they heard it was in the building. Glad I got the big one! 

 A while back, Caroline had finished reading the year's worth of club words to her teacher (basically sight words), and she got a free meal coupon for Texas Roadhouse for finishing. She had been begging us to take her, so we figured her birthday was as good a night as any, especially considering dance class nights tend to be hectic anyway. 

Texas Roadhouse has birthday girls ride a saddle while the wait staff sing and clap. Humiliating for me, but Caroline LOVED it!! 

These pictures don't do the joy justice. She was ecstatic!

She ate a few bites of her free birthday ice cream, and the birthday fun wound down to a close. I had subbed at Ella Kate's preschool that morning in the 2 year old class, and I was exhausted to say the least. I think we all were by the end of the day, and as sad I was to see her 7th birthday go, I slept like the dead that night. 


Her party was Saturday, and we had her "Party Animal" themed party at Brushstrokes n' More, the local paint-your-own pottery place. All of her friends got to pick a piece of pottery to paint, and all the pieces they could pick from were little animals (plus one mermaid), so that helped us pick a theme for the party. 

You can't tell from these pictures, but Caroline picked a raccoon to paint and Ella Kate had a little puppy that she swears is a bunny. 

I love this party because it was so unique, and everyone got a cool souvenir to keep. I don't have the finished product to show yet, though, because they still have them to get them all fired and dried. 

They even gave Caroline her very own animal print birthday plate to keep!

Just look at her awesome cake my friend Mandy made! If any of you live in East Tennessee and need an awesome looking and tasting cake, hit me up and I'll get you in touch with Mandy! 

Throughout this whole thing, this is the one picture I got of me at the party. #fail

Present time!

 Caroline's sweet friend Caylee

These are our good friends Reese and Kennedy, and they came back to our house that evening for a birthday dinner of spaghetti and s'mores! 

The girls had an absolute ball! 

 In fact, we all had so much fun we decided to do another bonfire this coming Saturday! 

You know it's a good 7 year old birthday when even the adults have so much fun they want to do it again!

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