Monday, September 29, 2014

Weary-eyed but still excited!!

I'm posting this past midnight, which is a time on the clock that this ol' girl never sees. And, to make it even more crazy, I'm doing it by choice. Or by insanity. 

Today is officially our 60 day mark until our Disney vacation starts!!

Whoo Hoo! 

Happy Dance!

As happy as I am that our vacation is getting closer, I am stressed to the max about it. Disney has instituted a new program called MyMagic+ that includes a feature called FastPass+. FP+ allows you to reserve your time to ride a ride or see a show or meet a character. If you do it right, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate your wait times for the most popular attractions. 

Sounds fine, right? Weeeeelllll, there's these new gals on the block that tend to throw a wrench in the best laid plans. The meet and greet for Anna and Elsa is NUTSO and can mean spending upwards of 3 hours waiting in line to meet them. 

Uh, thanks, but no thanks. 

With that meet and greet being so dadburn popular, the FastPasses are just as much a hot commodity. I have never reserved FP+ before, since this is our first trip since MyMagic+ has been in place, so I have been gnawing my nails to the quick in anticipation of today. If you are staying on property (which we ALWAYS will), you get to make your FP+ reservations 60 days in advance, and I was not about to let one second into our 60 day window pass without getting that little baby in my itinerary! And I did!!

Happy Dance again!!

The new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride is equally as popular, and I was able to snag that one, too!! In fact, I got all the FastPasses I wanted, so now I just need to go through them all and see if I want to adjust the times on any of them. I've already adjusted a few, but I also wanted to get this blog post up before I was completely delirious, so I will work on tweaking times tomorrow. 

I'm so excited!! Now I can pretty much sit back and get more and more excited about the trip. I plan on doing lots of shopping for trinkets and outfits for the girls for Disney, and I'll be sure to post about my finds. 

I'm sprinkling pixie dust on everyone's dreams tonight! See ya real soon! 

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