Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Austin Mahone Weekend Recap

Hi y'all! 

Have a good weekend?

I did! It was all the fun I expected to have, toting 3 teenage girls to Nashville for a concert. All that boy talk and giggling brought me back to how much fun that age is. How the simplest things can make you laugh so hard you cry, and every minute that passes since your crush calls seems like an eternity. I wouldn't necessarily go back to those days, but it was fun to live through it again this weekend!

Before we headed to Nashville, Friday started off with Caroline getting ready for school pictures. She went to bed Thursday night as an almost-7-year-old cutie, and went to school on Friday looking strongly like the next First Lady of the United States. 

Or Princess Caroline, so take note Prince George!!! Marrying commoners is the thing to do these days!

After school I headed to watch my nephew Teagan play football. It didn't end well, and fans aren't allowed to go on the field at that school, so I wasn't able to get a picture of us together. I'm feeling confident we have a win coming our way this Friday, though, so I'm hoping to see a smiley Teagan Friday night! 

Bright and early Saturday morning we headed off to Nashville! 

Caught these smiles during a brief break from all of us singing at the top of our lungs. 

Tennessee was playing Arkansas State during the trip down, so we stopped at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Cookeville for lunch and to watch the game. 

Tennessee for the win! Go Vols!!

We got to Nashville with just enough time to check in at the hotel, freshen up, and head back out for the meet and greet with Austin. The concert was being held at the Woods at Fontanel, which is a venue I had never heard of before this. It's an outdoor amphitheater, and it is AWESOME! If you ever have a chance to see a concert there, I highly recommend it! Outdoor venues are hard to be impressive, but this one manages to do it. They're only open from May 'til September, so I'm already planning to watch the 2015 calendar for any chance to go down there again. 

The grounds are adorable, and consist of a restaurant, a distillery (yay!), a general store, a zipline, and  Fontanel mansion, the former home of Barbara Mandrell (the girls had NO CLUE who that is, but my sister and I were excited to see all the Barbara merchandise in the store! 

I have every intention of going back to stay at the Inn next year, too. It looks amay-yay-zing!

My niece Tatum had meet and greet tickets, but the two friends she took with her didn't. Luckily, though, the guys in charge didn't seem to care much! We all went back to the meet and greet, but my sister Renee and I decided we would rather explore around the grounds (read: find air conditioning and a cold one), so we headed back to the Cafe Fontanella and hung out. 

The girls joined us all giddy and full of stories after the meet and greet with Austin.

 Renee photobomb!

Renee and I decided to grab food at one of the food trucks parked at the venue, and just so happened to be behind this guy (hi Tim!), who Tatum had already told us was a good friend of Austin's. I took this pic and sent it to her to see if she was jealous of me. I'm sure she was. 

But then this happened:

And the angels sang hallelujah! 

Trust me when I tell you, Tatum's feet have not touched the ground yet, and I'm pretty sure she hasn't washed those hands, either! 

Again, I could go on and on about how awesome this venue is, but all I am going to do is encourage you to go to the website and look around. I will leave you with some uber-crappy iPhone pics, though. 

My niece was on the front row and has some incredible pics, so I'll update this post with those when I get them. Needless to say, though, it was a fabulous weekend with some fabulous girls! 

Post-Austin sadness

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