Monday, June 8, 2015

Jamaica Day #5, Our Last Full Day in Paradise!

Day 5 was our last day. We were planning to leave the resort fairly early the next day. 


First up, a few nature shots from around our room...

Almost every resort we visit, regardless of the location, has cats around. I think they help keep mice away, but I think they're just so cute! 

We ate breakfast at Kelly's Dockside every morning up until the day we left the resort. 

Coconut French Toast:

I got a made-to-order omelet each morning, but didn't seem to get a picture of it. Here's the omelet station, though! 

Here's the pastry and juice bar (unfortunately no close-ups):

Our beautiful view at breakfast, and my most favorite picture of all that we took while we were there. 

By this point in our trip, we had learned to value shade. Apparently, so had everyone else. All the good chairs with shade nearby were taken. Steve walked up to a little platform, and found this little bungalow. There was already a set of chairs in there, and there was a loveseat off to the side out in the  sun. Steve and Jeff picked it up and moved it underneath the shade. We started our major sunscreen slather, and two workers came by carrying a coffee table. We asked if they would let us put it underneath the shelter and they sat it right down! We were all set up for a nice area to eat and hang out in the shade. It was perfect! 

We even had ceiling fans! 

Our fantastic view:

We found this little door up there. It didn't open, but it was beautiful! I can't help but think it has some  meaning, but it wouldn't open for us. 

Had to try, though!

Kimono's and Soy

There can't be a simple photo with Steve-o. It has to be a pose-off. 

I had a few pictures on my disposable to use up, so I played around with it in the pool. 

Steve's underwater handstand:

A round of Bob Marley's at the poolside bar!

Here are some random pics of the resort. 

Same ol' story, on the last day. We ate dinner at Soy with our favorite waitress, Shanice

And now Jeff is getting into the posing...

I snapped a few nighttime pics of the Sandals tower on the way back to the room to pack...

 When we got back in the room, my heart stopped when I saw this floating in the toilet. I thought it was some kind of creature! Turns out it was one of the flowers they use to decorate the towel animals. 


All packed up and ready to leave in the morning! 


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