Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jamaica Day #6: Let's go home!

And we have come to the end of our vacation. 

<sniff, sniff, SOB!>

Actually, at the time, I was sort of ready to come home. As wonderful as Jamaica was; as wonderful as time away with just adults was, I missed my girls. I missed my routine. And I knew that my parents were worn out by all the running around that they were doing for me! I was ready to relieve them. 

That being said, I'm also ready to go back to Jamaica! 

We woke up really early that morning to finish our last minute packing and to go get breakfast before we left. Unfortunately, Jeff woke up feeling pretty terrible. We luckily had brought some Zofran with us, so he felt better fairly quickly, but you know how awful it is to be sick to your stomach when you're in the privacy of your own home, much less in a foreign country with a ton of travel ahead of you. 

To give him some time to relax and let the meds kick in, Leeann, Steve, and I went out to get breakfast. 

A cruise ship was out on the horizon!

Sunrise Sandals Tower shot...

Goodbye, Burn Box! 


One thing I didn't mention earlier is that the resort was undergoing a facelift while we were there. The construction was unattractive, but didn't get in our way at all. If our rooms had been closer to the lobby, the noise might have bothered us, but we were far enough away that I never even noticed it. Besides, we were only in our room to sleep and get dressed anyway, so I doubt construction noise would have interrupted that since they didn't work around the clock.

Every day we went into the lobby, it was almost completely different than the day before. I really wish I had taken before and after pictures, because there was a dramatic difference between the first day and the last. Originally, the lobby area was a typically tropical design. Warm earth tones and lots of plants. By the time we left, the lobby was elegant and sparkling, with bright white paint, gorgeous upholstery, and shimmering tile. 

The lobby even had a brand new restaurant! We were actually the very first people in line to try the new restaurant, but we ended up not being the first ones seated because we weren't paying attention and were looking out at the water instead. 


The brand new Vista restaurant:

One thing I hadn't mentioned yet is how heavy everything there is. I'm assuming it's because of the almost-constant sea breezes, not to mention the threat of hurricanes. But if you're ever in the tropics, especially in an open-air resort, pay attention to how heavy the silverware, plates, cups, and ramekins are. I just thought that was a neat observation. I'm surprised hotels on the shore in the U.S. don't do that, too. 

New fancy-pants omelet station: 

I took some more pictures of nature on our walk back to check on Jeff. I'm always amazed by plants and animals I've never seen before. This tree had this stuff growing out of the bottom of it that reminded me of tentacles. 


My friend, the turtle. As soon as we got there, I spotted this little guy sunning himself on a rock with his neck stretched long. I thought it was a statue. We stood there and watched him for the longest time looking for movement and never saw any. Then, on the last day, here he his just swimming around having a big time! 

Some fish in the new pond that was built at the new refurbished lobby.

 We got on the shuttle back to the airport for our forever-long commute. 



Look! A Jamaican Harley Davidson store! My Daddy was excited about this pic. 

To ease the pain of going home, we wasted away again in Margaritaville...


And that's it! That's the recap of our trip to Jamaica!! Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them. If I can't, I know a very knowledgable travel agent that can help me out. 

Have a  great hump day! 

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