Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend recap

This weekend was all about fun for my girls. 

(except for Saturday. That was my relaxation day!)

We started off Friday at the pool. The girls were in swimming lessons all last week and were eager to show off their skills!

The day started off a little rough....

But got better quickly! Popsicles help, but Mama was the one melting! After the rain moved out, the humidity moved in. It was sweltering!

Like I said, Saturday was my relaxation day. Steve was in a conference all day, so I started bingeing on the new season of Orange is the New Black.

Then it was Sunday Sunday! When we bought our Dollywood season passes, they came with 4 "bring a friend free" passes that I intended to use to bring Tatum with us. I texted her to see when she could go, and Sunday was the best day for her. Steve was still in his conference, so we made it a girls day! 

Little did I know that the passes expired last month. Oops. 

This girl loves her some popcorn! I actually think my girls could live off popcorn if I let them. 

This time, they had mascots. I've never seen them at Dollywood before, and Ella Kate was thrilled! Caroline wasn't too excited about them. 

I'm glad to have one that still gets excited about characters! 

My biggest complaint about Dollywood is their lack of healthy food options. I had seen a veggie cup at a little snack shack near FireChaser Express, and I started regretting not buying it when we were half a mile away around lunchtime. There is a bakery near the entrance where I had seen small salads and cold sandwiches in the past. I got the girls settled with their chicken tenders and headed over to get me something remotely healthy. Well, now the only healthy options amongst the rows of cookies the size of my head and cupcakes with icing a mile high are these $5 cups of strawberries. And they have grapes! <insert sarcastic font here>

Y'all know Dolly's not eating all that fried food. Homegirl needs some salads at her theme park! 

After lunch, it was back to the rides! 

The scrambler was always my carnival favorite. Still can't resist it! 

Finally a picture of Caroline! 

I gave my camera to Tatum to have her take this picture. Caroline got so mad at me because I had a "loose article" out.


After a long day at Dollywood, Ella Kate was D-O-N-E! 

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner, and Caroline was starving. Since she is my TERRIBLY picky eater, I decided now was a good time to tempt her to eat something new. The waitress had brought us some apple butter, so I slathered some on one of those yummy biscuits. You should see this face she makes when she eats something new. It looks like I'm forcing her to eat fingernail clippings. Once she started chewing though, that face changed! Girl at a whole biscuit for the first time in her life! 

And Ella Kate is always ready for a good biscuit and apple butter! 

After a fun day, good meal, and long baths, the girls and I were ready to call it a day!

It was really a lot of fun, and I cherish these fun days with my girls! 

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