Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Break Fun

My girls are on Fall Break this week, and in the absence of any big trips to Disney World or the beach, we decided to have fun here at home! 

We took Monday to rest and relax, and Tuesday was a trip to lunch and the movies (no pics, sorry!) and an eye doctor appointment for Caroline. She complains about her vision from time to time, but luckily he told us that her eyesight isn't bad enough yet to need correction. He did say, though, that she's likely headed down the same path to terrible vision that I followed.


So Wednesday, we headed off to Dollywood to take in their National Southern Gospel and Harvest Festival

I was in Pumpkin heaven! 


Ella Kate's very favorite ride in the park is the FireChaser Express, so we headed over there first thing.

And passed the short wait time with a selfie session.

Apparently Caroline couldn't hear my screams for her attention, but my ever-photogenic husband sure did! 

Got a good smile from Caroline before we took off on Barnstormer. I'm telling you, this ride gets me every time. I really feel like I'm going to flip right out of that thing! Caroline just loves it though, and we rode it three times this visit. 

While we were riding Barnstormer, Steve and Ella Kate watched the bird show and we met up after. Just so happened to meet up at the gem mining booth, which Caroline was quick to point out that I always say that we'll do next time, and then we never do. She wasn't wrong. So Steve bought her a bag of dirt, and she gem mined herself enough rocks to pay for college!


Caroline is typically a daredevil at theme parks, but this time she wasn't really feeling like it. Instead of the major thrill rides, we walked over to the Country Fair area that is more for the younger kiddos. 

Still fun to be had on those swings, though! 

I sat out on the Demolition Derby and tried to take some pics. Those little cars moved too fast for my slow camera skills, though! 

Caroline cracked me up, though. She was laid back, one arm on the wheel like she was a teenager cruising the strip. All she needed was some gangsta rap instead of the classic oldies the ride was playing! 

We decided to get lunch after riding all the rides in Country Fair. I have talked on here before about Dollywood having terrible food options if you're looking to eat healthy, but I had done some pre-planning and found some things that I thought could work. 


By the time we had ridden rides and walked all around the park, I was STARVING! I threw finding healthy eating out the window and settled for finding the shortest line. We ended up getting the same Italian peppers and onions sandwich and homemade chips that we pretty much get on every visit. Maybe next time I can be healthier.

After yet another ride on FireChaser and a bathroom break, Ella Kate found a picture spot. 

My little Hoot in between Dollywood's hoots.

Since Caroline missed the first Wings of America bird show, we went back over there to catch another one. My girls love pretty much anything related to nature, and they both could pretty much stay here all day. At the end of the show, they ask for donations to help keep the bald eagle rescue program, Eagle Mountain Sanctuary, up and running. You bring a bill up to the stage, and their African crow, Friar Tuck, will take the folded bill from you and put in the donation box. It's a super cute little trick!

Theme parks are always exhausting, and after a couple of ice cream cones, we decided to call it a day. This time of year, the park closes fairly early anyway. On our way out, I stopped to take some pictures of the great fall decor they had on display. I don't know if I just don't remember it before or what, but the decorations really seemed to be much better this year than in years past. 

Aren't these little pumpkin people just precious?

My girls love cinnamon rolls, so on the way out of the park, I stopped in the bakery to get some to take home from breakfast. I'm sad to report, though, that they weren't all I expected them to be. If you ever visit Dollywood, get the cinnamon bread from the grist mill rather than the cinnamon rolls from the bakery. 

We tend to avoid the shops at Dollywood and focus on the rides, but because of the Harvest celebration, they were making homemade apple butter and sampling it inside of Taste Traders. They were also sampling their coffee, and after trying it, I had to buy a bag! It was delicious!! All of their flavors sounded amazing, so now I know what my souvenir will be whenever we visit the park! 

After our fun filled day, we had a bath and sleep filled night! 

Hope everyone is enjoying/enjoyed/will enjoy their Fall Break!

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  1. Butter pecan rum as coffee-- shut the front door!!! What pretty pumpkin pics!!


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