Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites: Valentine's Day Edition!

Happy Valentine's Day Eve, y'all!

I love a theme, so today's Friday Favorites just has to be about all the lovey, mushy goodness that is Valentine's Day!!

1. Sexy Soundtracks

Shay introduced me to Diana Krall's new album, and it's all about some sexy slow jazz. What's not to love???

Sounds like sex on a stick to me! (Sweet Home Alabama reference for y'all, in case you didn't catch it). This album is all cover songs, and she makes songs I've heard for years and years suddenly sound completely new and different. There are a couple songs that aren't really romantic, but the overall tone of the album is very much so. I'm enthralled. 

And, obviously, the Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack. I've been listening to it on Spotify, and it really is all it's cracked up to be. The only downside is that the new version of BeyoncĂ©'s Crazy in Love isn't available on Spotify. Grrrrr. (there is a version by Sofia Karlberg, though). 

2. My "Date Night" perfume

When I was planning my wedding, I read somewhere that you should have a perfume that you wear during your wedding events, and then wear it every year on your anniversary, and you'll start to associate that scent with that special time in your life. I did that, and it's one of my very favorite wedding tips! I wore Cashmere Mist on my wedding day and honeymoon, and I immediately go back to that time when I smell it again.

Last year at Disney World, Steve and I did our usual EPCOT date night, and wondered into the Italy pavilion. I started smelling the perfumes, and fell deeply, madly in love with Bulgari Jasmin Noir. I miraculously walked away from it, but then walked completely around World Showcase smelling my own arm. I couldn't stop! It was meant to be mine, and now I wear it on our special date nights. It makes me feel fancy, and I'll be wearing it tomorrow night!

3. Doing something "fancy"

Steve and I, for the past two years, have been attending a local charity gala for Valentine's Day. We get a room in the hotel that hosts the gala and have a little staycation. We get gussied up, dance, high roll on some auction items, and have no worries about having to drive home. We sleep in, have brunch, and pick up the girls from my parent's house. It's glorious. I know this isn't something everyone is going to be able to do (or even want to do necessarily), but I think putting in a little extra effort on a day made for love isn't a bad thing. Seems to make everything better when it's presented nicely, even if it's sloppy joes on the good China and Two Buck Chuck out of your grandmother's crystal. 

4. Champagne and roses

It's cliche, but I like it anyway. I'll drink champagne to celebrate a day that ends with "y", so I suppose it's only fitting that I have a bottle handy on the high holy days of champagne drinking: New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day. And Tuesday. #nojudging

And there's roses. Because, roses. 

5. Having the best forever Valentine ever!

I couldn't be happier to call this stud my Valentine!

Always and forever my favorite! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful, fantastic, love-filled Valentine's weekend! 


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