Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I hope to start doing a What I Wore Wednesday, but since my "uniform" consists almost exclusively of workout clothes, I'll try to only do it when I have at least a few non-gym clothes outfits to show.

I woke up last Wednesday with some pretty significant neck pain. Steve and I were in SERIOUS need of new pillows and when he woke up in the same state yesterday, we went out and bought new ones. Thank goodness, because now I don't have to wear BeautiControl's neck wrap and BenGay all day long!

My friend Leeann brought me this tank top on Friday, and I just had to wear it. 
I say ___ it up, Buttercup. All. The Time. (Typically Eat up, Buttercup. Or Drink up, Buttercup. Sometimes Buck up, Buttercup when someone needs some uplifting words of encouragement). 
She saw this and immediately thought of me. Isn't it cute?? Much cuter when it's not sweaty from Spin class.  Since it was a gift, I don't have a link, but if you want me to find out, shoot me a comment or email. 

Watch: Polar FT7
Pants: lululemon Wunder Under

Puffer Vest: Old Navy (sold out)
Top: BP. from Nordstrom (sold out)
I obviously have a great love and affection for these pants. 

I may be MIA for the next several days. My family and I are going on a long weekend away since the girls are out of school on Friday. I'll recap on Monday, for sure, or I may find time to sneak on here before then. If not, have a good weekend!


  1. I've been looking at those pants and I think you've convinced me to get them. With a little one, I sit on the ground to play with her (hard to do in jeans) but I don't want to look like I wear workout gear constantly (I do).

  2. It is insane how good your body is. Keep it up and be sure to post your secrets soon!!


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