Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Valentine' s Day Edition, plus a Snow Day!

Happy Monday, y'all!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, because we sure did!! Be ready for a picture-heavy recap of our weekend.

I packed a Valentine's themed lunch for Caroline Friday morning, 

And then we headed out to our usual Friday morning ritual: breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts. 

Let me show you my little friend...
A Brownie Batter doughnut from Dunkin'. I got this for the girls as a VDay treat, and they didn't want it. In the interest of not wasting food (the greater good and all that), I ate a few bites. Holy Deliciousness, Batman! This little beauty made me want to forget I ever heard the word "diet" or "gym". 

I am chair of the plastic bag recycling program at Caroline's school, and after I dropped her off I went to collect bags. This is what I found walking around the school office. Way to make a first impression, Ella Kate. 


I went back to school that afternoon for Caroline's Valentine's Day party with her class. I made them Valentine's Day parfaits for their snack and they all exchanged their Valentines. They had such a great time! I heard several kids say they liked this party better than Christmas! 

Saturday morning, the girls woke up to some goodies from Daddy. Caroline got a Minecraft puzzle, blind bags, and a pink hydrangea (which I hope to plant if they survive). 

And Ella Kate got a minion puzzle to go with her blind bags and hydrangea. I don't know how I didn't realize her eyes were closed in the one picture I got of her, but oh well. Such is life. 

I made the girls pink heart pancakes for breakfast, but the fact that they are pink is completely lost in the pictures. You'll have to take my word for it. 

After breakfast, I went to the gym. I almost didn't go, but knew I would feel guilty if I skipped, so off I went. I did my usual 30 minutes of cardio, and went to go start lifting. Some lazy goober hadn't reracked his weights, so when I went to take the 45lb plates off the bar, I smashed my finger between it and the next one on the rack. 1 middle finger vs. 2 45lb plates. No bueno. 

Pretty sure it's broken, but there's nothing that can be done. I'm scared to death that my nail is going to fall off. It feels, um, "bouncy". It hurts like the dickens! 

As I mentioned in my last post, our Valentine's tradition is to attend a charity gala that benefits CASA for Kids. It's such a great event, and we love going. We always get a hotel room and take our time getting ready at the hotel. "Take our time" to me means a leisurely primp session. For Steve, it apparently means "take a nap." I was getting ready and bored to death with no one to talk to and trying to stay quiet so as not to wake my sleeping beauty. So what's a girl to do but to take selfies in the mirror of her crazy roller hair??


To make it even, I had to take a pic of Steve trying to get his bowtie on. <sideeye>

Then he gave up and went tie-less. Still super handsome, though. 


We headed down the ballroom to enjoy the night! 

Queen of blurry pictures...

Steve knows how to cut a rug, and he entertained everyone, including our neighbor, Mary...

And her son-in-law, Brian. #bromance

What a great night! Can't wait to do it again next year!

Sunday was picture-less, because all we did was hit up the hotel's restaurant for breakfast, came home for a little nap after check out, and then went to see American Sniper before picking the girls up from my parent's house. 

Today we're having a very rare (for us) snow day, so I'll hopefully have lots of pics of snowmen, snow angels, sledding, and snow cream eating to share tomorrow!

And just to give y'all some thing to be scared of, check out that Thursday forecast.... #ouch

Look at that little sun peeking out over the cloud on Friday. It's like it's scared to show its face after that Thursday ridiculousness. 

Stay warm, everyone! 


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  1. You look STUNNING. It would be so fun to get all dressed up for a night out. I wish Chad was more into that stuff. Oh well! We went to Barberito's and ate off of plastic plates- nothing but the best. LOL ;) Your finger??? Holy crap. I lost a toenail after a race once and just kept it painted black to make it blend. Hope it gets better soon!


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