Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays with Momfessionals

Momfessionals is hosting a new series called Show and Tell Tuesdays, where we share about different goings-on in our lives. You can read about it HERE. I'm going to try hard to stick to this series to mix up my usual day-in-the-life posts.

Today is the first day of the series, and the topic is our New Years Resolutions and/or Goals.

(That may be hard to read- you can right click and save it if you need to)

I don't have resolutions this year, because I've learned that saying I'll get more organized ONE. MORE. TIME. is pretty futile. If I haven't done it in the past 36 years it's not likely to get done this year, either. 


I did set a couple of goals for myself, though. The first one is that I want to be able to do a pull up. I've never in my life been able to do one, and I REALLY want to be able to say I can. And mean it. I am stronger now than I've ever been, so I feel like this is my best opportunity. Also, I have learned through my fitness journey that I have the most success when I have some sort of finish line, preferably with a deadline to complete it. I'm pretty competitive, so even if I'm just competing with myself, I'll do everything I can to win. #confessional

 I don't entirely know how long this might take to complete, but I'm giving myself two months. I'll do some research and figure out if that's realistic. 

I plan to start this by using the pull up/dip machine at our gym. I can do a pull up if I put about 30lbs on the sled, so I'll try to whittle that down slowly. I'm also going to try to get Steve to help me when he can by holding my feet. We have one of those Perfect Pull Up bars somewhere at our house, so I can get some practice whenever I want. Mostly, anyway. 

My next goal is actually a set of goals to serve one big purpose. Steve and I have lived in our house for almost 8 years, and have done very little in the way of improvements. When we first moved in, we were having babies and raising them, and the house just wasn't a priority. Now our girls are bigger and more self sufficient, so I'm ready to start tackling a few of the projects we've been putting off. 

The easiest one for me to personally deal with is painting. I don't mind to do it,  so it's time to get crackin'! I'm pretty sure I've picked out a color (Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore), and I'm going to start with the kitchen. I plan to pick one room a month, and spend that entire month giving that one room a spruce up. 

January- kitchen
February- bedroom (obviously) 
March- living room
April- hallway
May- dining room 

Then I may take some time off until July/August. Ella Kate wants us to re-do her room and I told her that we could do it as her birthday gift. More than anything, she just wants her room painted blue, but I found this picture in the newest Pottery Barn Kids catalog and she and I are both ready to recreate it! 

The only problem is that she won't be getting new furniture, and hers is black. I'll have to lighten the room with a lot of white accents, which is fine by me! I may also choose a lighter shade of blue; I'm not sure yet. This shade is Naval by Benjamin Moore, so I may look at the shade swatches and see what other options there are in this blue family. I'm also considering hiring a painter if we go with this exact color, because any mistakes could be disastrous. 

I'd love to hear about your resolutions and goals this year! Feel free to leave them in the comments or link up with Andrea, too!

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