Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Weekend recap

We actually had a pretty great weekend around here, not that you'll be able to tell that because of my SERIOUS lack of pictures. Sometimes you just gotta live it, ya know? 


Friday was the Taxslayer Bowl, in which my beloved Tennessee Vols SLAYED the Iowa Hawkeyes! Go Vols!! We had some couple friends over to watch the game, and we bought a Jersey Mike's sandwich tray to eat on. Sat out some beers and chips and everybody was happy! 


After the game, we tried a game called Cards against Humanity. Have y'all played this? Let me say this about it, during some points, I felt like I needed to go to church and repent, but I also laughed so hard my abs were sore. Not sure what that says about me, but it was still a fun night! Already planning to get together to play again! 

Saturday was pretty low key. We went to a friend's house so Steve could shoot guns, and I babysat the kiddos since shooting ain't my thing. 


Later that night, I did my gift exchange with my family/friends/girl group. We always have a great time together,but the highlight of this evening was opening the gifts my sister Renee got for all of us. 

5 points goes to whoever guesses which one of these is mine. Probably helps to know that it was my sister who bought it.

After dinner and the gift exchange we went to see Unbroken. I think I'm the only one who thinks this, but I didn't enjoy the movie that much. I know it's getting great reviews, but geez. I left that theater feeling like I'd been hit by a truck! I suppose it's not a movie that you're suppose to "enjoy", but it was still tough to see a man struggle and suffer over and over again. I was happy to see the fact that he converted to Christianity mentioned at the end. He was saved at a Billy Graham revival in the 40s, and lived the rest of his life in faith. 

Oh, Billy Graham. The greatest man to ever live in my lifetime, and the thought of losing him breaks my heart. 

Sunday was a lazy day. We skipped church (so sorry, Billy!) and I got some chores done. I started taking down the Christmas tree until Caroline caught me and freaked out. I promised to leave it up a little longer, but told her it had to come down this week. Hopefully tonight. 

Caroline spent HOURS playing with the Sew Cool sewing machine that Santa brought her. I have to say, it's pretty cool and she is completely in love with it. 

She has sewed up all the characters it came with, so I'm sure she'll be wanting  more soon! Hope they make more...

Sunday night was capped off in the best way possible! The return of Downton Abbey! 

I'm just gonna go ahead and include Monday in our weekend round up since the girls were still out of school. Plus, there's nothing to say since all we did was go to the gym for a little while in the morning. It was the girls' last day of Christmas Break, so we soaked it up with snuggles and Jumanji. 

And then we're back to the real world. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! 

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