Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Squeee!!! Lilly Pulitzer for Target is happening!!!

Listen, y'all. I'm still basking in the high that was the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. I dove into that thing headfirst, and I can't wait for all my colorful goodies to arrive!!

Just when I thought the sale buzz was wearing off, my friend Tina tweeted me a link to the announcement: the newest Target collaboration is with Lilly!! 

Lordy, you could hear the schoolgirl squeals from three counties!  

The collection ranges from $2-$250, and includes 15 different prints that were designed specifically for this collaboration. The yellow pineapple one is my favorite so far, but I also love the yellow and pink print found on the bikini in the pic below, and the navy and pink print on the scarf in the middle (wish I knew the names of the prints!).

I'm already making my wishlist (that hammock is MINE!), and I've put the for sale sign out in front of the house. We'll take cash or Target Giftcards!! 

All photos courtesy of the @lillyfortarget Instagram account. 

The line arrives April 19, so mark your calendars, ladies! And if you need me that morning, you'll know where to find me!!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! If you don't have a RedCard, GET ONE sister! I am loving the prints as well. I don't own any Lily but that may change!


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