Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

In true slacker blogger fashion, I thought I would do my 2014 recap in 2015. 


The highlight of this January was our trip to Wilderness at the Smokies. We loved our trip so much that we went back later in the year, and already have another reservation ready! We also had our first big snows of the season and Caroline lost some teeth (some of which are just now growing back in).

February was Caroline losing MORE teeth, Steve and I got to play dress up at two charity galas, and we celebrated Steve's birthday with a weekend getaway to Asheville.


March had an awesome highlight! I "chaperoned" a trip to New York with my niece's 8th grade class. The best part was that my mom, sister, and one of my nephews also got to go, so we had a great time!   More highlights included Caroline's spring picture day at school and my girls going bowling for the very first time.

April started off on the wrong note with the first sunburn of the year. Thankfully it was mine and not one of the girls! We got season passes to Dollywood this year, and we spent our first day there with our neighbor Mya (you might remember her from our Disney pictures). April also brought us Easter and Steve's trip to the Masters.

 The end of the school year is always a busy time, and this year was crazy as ever. Ella Kate had her preschool promotion, Caroline had her kindergarten graduation, and both the girls had their dance recital. May is our anniversary month, and we celebrated lucky number 13 by doing the Warrior Dash in Charlotte. Tanner (my oldest nephew) graduated high school, and Ella Kate had her very first haircut at the ripe old age of 4 and 3/4ths!

Ahhh, summer! That's always a highlight! The girls started swimming lessons, we went back to Dollywood, my sister stalked Sammy Kershaw, and we headed off to our annual beach trip!

We started off the month already at the beach, so life doesn't get much better than that! We came home on my birthday, so that was a bummer! We had a major hailstorm that caused pretty serious damage to our house and the surrounding area, but the girls thought those huge hail balls were the coolest! We ended the month already shopping for back to school supplies. 

Of course, this is back to school month, but before that cry-fest could happen, Miss Ella Kate turned 5! A whole hand! We celebrated with yet another day in Dollywood and a party at the local bounce house place. Caroline started 1st grade, and Ella Kate started her last year of preschool (sniff, sniff!). Teagan's football season started, and I cleared my schedule for the next 10 Fridays! 

I started this little ol' blog! PSLs returned (#blessed), Tennessee and high school football was in high gear, and the air was definitely crisper! Caroline had school pictures, I took my niece and her friends to see Austin Mahone, we celebrated Oktoberfest in Abingdon, Caroline turned 7, and fall decorating went into full swing!

 In case you haven't heard, I went to a Luke Bryan concert. With highs come the lows, and we had to say goodbye to our FURst baby, Walker, on the 17th. Still recovering from that. We took another trip to Wilderness to lift our spirits, and it was wonderful. I attended the 20 year reunion of the best football time my high school ever produced (I was a trainer for the team), and it was great spending time with old friends. I ran a Halloween race with the guys from KISS (not really them, but super cool costumes!) and a super cold and rainy Halloween came and went (how do I not have pictures of Caroline???). At the end of the month, Steve and I hosted our annual Halloween party and dressed up as American Gladiators. 

We'll call this the pre-Disney month. First up, Disney on Ice. Next was another fancy night on the town with my handsome Hubs and some dear friends. A major highlight for me was my girls trip to Asheville. I lurrve Asheville, and we did it up right! Tanner turned 20 (all fingers and toes!), and at the end of the month, we packed our bags and headed to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Did you hear? We went to DISNEY WORLD!! Whoo Hoo!! Woop Woop!! All else pails in comparison, but there was a little thing called Christmas thrown in there, too. Including a holiday Peeps taste test and an epic Tacky Christmas Party. My good better camera was left at my in-laws Christmas day, so I just have a few iPhone pics to document here. We also capped the year off with one last, frigid trip to Dollywood.

I really truly tried to keep it to just one picture per month, but I just couldn't do it. 

Hope everyone put a fantastic year behind them, and has an even bigger and better 2015 ahead of them! 

God bless!!

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  1. I did a year in review post too! My was way too long though! Two things: (1) You are stunningly beautiful!!!- from getting dressed up for the galas to wearing a skirt full of bows, you are absolutely beautiful inside and out! ;) (2) Do you have splash country passes? We got them for Christmas and I am looking for friends that have them so we can plan trips this summer! I am brave enough to take kids by myself without extra hands!

    My blog is I think I am going to get rid of my Facebook account and just blog. I love to blog and I want to journal more this year.


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